It's Me

Love, pain, heartbreak, doubt, sadness, fury, anger, lust, or happiness- the emotional side is so much a part of me that it is sometimes overpowering. Even in my writing the emotion takes over and when I look back at what I have written I can feel the raw emotion jumping off the page. My heart beats faster and my breathing increases as I feel the power of the words. I know this scares some people so if this is you then you may not want to read my posts.
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2012

Yeah, I have come across a couple of your stories that were like that. :) This group was actually inspired by someone on here who actually told me that I was a bit more raw than what they were used to. I get a lot of inbox messages from time to time by people who apparently cried at one of my stories or were inspired by a point I was trying to make. So yeah, I know I probably scare some people too. Some of my more angry stories are a bit... vicious.

I am to the point in my life where I live it and if someone doesn't like the way I do that then I figure they don't have to be part of it. I write the same way I live. :)

You are so smooth. I love your words; you know how to use them to invoke emotion. That is a talent that is not possessed by many.