I Just Dont Get You Anymore...

So I've been seeing this amazing guy since May 2010. I really care for him. In essence, you could say I'm in love with him. :) We get along fine....usually. But jus recently, he started ignoring me. Because of his stupid truck. It broke down, now he doesnt even want to talk to me. And even before this, he didnt even want to kiss me more than once an day. He'd come up with stupid excuses not to kiss me. "We're watching tv" or "Im tired". Ive cried so many times over his stupid habit of paying absolutely no attention to me. Everytime I dont get a kiss or even a glance, it feels like my heart is being torn out of me. We barely cuddle. We dont hold hands. We dont even walk beside each other. :'( He acts like we're brother and sister in public. And he hates public displays of affection. It makes him uncomfortable. Whenever we go somewhere, hes always 5 feet in front of me or 5 feet behind me. Sometimes I wonder if he's been cheating on me because it seems like he's completely lost interest in me. I get this voice in my head that always tell me these stupid things too.

I wish he would just look me in the eye and tell me what exactly is going on.

Do you still love me?
Did I do something wrong?
Am I not good enough for you anymore?

Somebody please just help me. :'(
If Im wasting my time, please just tell me.
DeathBeforeDishonour DeathBeforeDishonour
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 31, 2010

You're the only person that could find all those un-answered questions. To me, looking from outside I would really believe he doesn't feel the same about you. Maybe he's not cheating but he doesn't love you, It seems like you're pushing yourself over him and thats not really good. Leave him after you get those answers, he might lie to you. But if i were you I would leave him and wait for the person that will mutually love you back. Don't give up on love, just give up on him.