Lost And Alone

yeah, i'm fine"…words i wish i could say and mean. have you ever felt alone? like no one in the world can understand the way you feel, like your the only person in the world stuck in pause? while everyone else is on PLAY ? like you have absolutely no idea what your doing with your life? inside your hurting with pain, anger sadness the tears want to flow out but yet you hold them back and wear that fake smile the one everyone loves and to top it off you act as if nothing at all is bothering you, acting like nothings wrong laughing and smiling being cheerful, when really what your thinking inside is someone please help! yet scared no one would understand, you find a way to hide it. ending up more upset that you have to go through this alone and lost. not knowing why your in the mood you are scared someone will think your crazy? when someone asks "are you okay?", you quickly put on that fake smile and say "yeah, i'm fine" hoping it was convincing enough… the sigh of relief as they walk away, after all you'd look stupid saying that you have no idea whats wrong with you, and your just sad because well you have no idea, but you just are? right, like i'd really want to answer with that and have people think i'm some psycho freak, instead i lay here in my bed with my music blasting and tears pouring down hoping some how this will change.
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It is like you just spoke every single thought in my mind. I feel so incredibly lonely, lost, confused, Furiously angry, God i cant even explain how im feeling. I cant find the exact reason for it, and anyone that i try to explain it to doesnt get it. Noone understands. They wont understand, and it frustrates me so much. I put on a fake smile everyday, truth is though, I have pushed away all the people i loved the most, im scared of trusting anyone, and it feels like today the world is just working against me. I used to try so hard, have so much spirit, but its gone now. I cant even begin to tell you why.

I felt no i feel this way i pushed my closeset friends away i hide away and sneak to the restroom when i can i feel and emptiness in school and usually cant feel the happiness or anger or any kind of emotion only recintly have i began drionking, cutting , purging, staying uup till 4 for no reason and take medication not needed. I want to feel so bad but i only feel that ache because i feel as if im the only one and disqust for myself and lately i wonder why i even live so i get where your coming from

I completely understand where you are coming from as well. I've always been sad in life and now going through the worst heart break to add to it. Everyone says time heals everything and I'm just waiting for that to come now..

i can see where your coming from. I been feeling like that a lot lately. Can't say that its gotten better, but Im still hanging on there , bc its part of life. By looking at your profile i can see your a teenager. so that can probably explain a lot of your feelings somewhat different, alone, misplaced , and confused. its normal bc I felt the same way you did when I was younger. Im still young but so far old enough to say that I go through those feelings everyday. From fake friends, to annoying family situations. it can be tough,but all you need is a time to reflect to yourself and see the furhter purpose of your life. High school can have a lot to do with it and its just a phase that can pass by too. but in the end its up to you if you still want to keep that phase or to move on and experience other weird phases =) it will all be alright , in whatever your sad about .!!

i really know how it feels like , believe me i've experienced such. i usually overcome such moments of my life by muttering a few words like this: O lord i'm very confused and feel so sad , pls help me to overcome this and forge ahead by your grace in Jesus name amen.<br />
Its so surprising to see how those few words go a long way to bring me back on track, i feel so relieved and believe me it has always worked for me

ive felt this before! its a big annoying feeling. yew feel sad miserable yew feel so many emotions ! ahh i always used to feel this and inever found out what was the cause that made me feel this. ithink they were warnings cause ihave gonne through alot this year (bestfriend that turn out to be backstabbers, lost trust, brokenheart) anyways ifeel stronger now and i also feel that wherever iwalk the pple that hurt me will regret the pain they caused on me.

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i like the way you think<br />
ill try to use that more often<br />
thanks for taking the time to comment<br />
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its good to know others feel the same<br />
but i hate the feeling of being so confused

couldnt agree more !

i can't agree more with you. i can't say i felt the same. but i know how did it feel.i am not a talktive person. not because i am not good at talking. but because most of the time, i don't feel like talking. i like people leaving me alone. And when people misunderstand me, i don't even want to justify myself. I would think like this: what the hell, if i am meant to be understood, people will come to the sense, and if not, why should i care...funny thing is that i have lots of friends. and they trully care about me. but still i don't like talk when i am with them, i just listen, or pretend to be listening..and when i am with someone i love. i will talk. because i have to...u understand me...the sad thing is that all these people i loved never really understood me either..and i am still waiting for the right one to understand me. and this right one is the only one i care to talk to... so whatever with anyone else. i don't care..