I have decided tonight is the night I end it all. I am just waiting for everyone to leave. I am done feeling miserable and I am done hoping that better days are coming. Nothing is going right in my life, nothing at all. It never has and it never will. I dont want to wake up tomorrow. And I dont want to cry all day. I am done. That is why I need to die, my place is not here.
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please think of the people that will miss you and dont do it!

None of us know what happened to Unknown95. I have been reading the responses though. So many mention that it is a response to temporary problems. But what is a temporary problem? What if you have been with a man since you were 16? Now you are 43 and he has never loved you. You realize you will live your whole life out and never know real love. What if the romantic songs that make everyone else happy make you cry because it reminds you what you will never have? What if you cannot figure out what it is about you that is so totally un-lovable to everyone. Sure, my son loves me but only because he is too young to have figured it out yet. My daughter is older and she has figured it out now too. It's weird. On paper I'm great. Supermom. People say I'm good at my job. I volunteer on every committee going. Everyone says "what would we do without you, you're great". They say "oh, your so pretty, classy blah blah". But those are all people who don't really know me that well. The people who really know me, my husband, daughter, mom, all just kinda don't have love feelings for me. It's like something just isn't clicking. There is just something wrong with me but no one, including me, can put a finger on it.
This stuff is not temporary. So what do I do?

I know that was back in April, but hopefully you are still here.


Go for it..! Why the **** we are in this world...???? **** other people thoughts...!!!

ending your life is not the solution to your problem...i hope your feeling better now..

some time has passed, and i have just seen this. i would have given you my phone number to call. once, i was so alone and depressed, i thought of killing myself-pretty uncharacteristic. i called the suicide prevention hot line...nine times. each time, the line was busy. the irony had me damn near falling down laughing so hard. i am still here. i hope you found some irony to stay your hand.

I know how you feel. Suicide leaves many people behind who love you, sad all their lives because of it. We return to the Earth when it is our time. Try to find some light in your life. We are all here for a reason. Find out what it is.

Please don't end ur life.....u r so young....things r bad sometimes in our lives...its not always goin to be peaches and cream. Please hang in there.. everything changes...focus on what makes u happy...or what will make u happy. PLEASE.

I hope you did not kill your self and you are<br />
<br />
still here to talk to me.<br />
It is not worth killing your self .<br />
I have many time feel that .<br />
But i am here and help other not to kill<br />
them self.<br />
Go for a walk <br />
Write how you feel and get out of your head.<br />
And things will work things out in wash and that is what<br />
my dad told many years go when i was young .<br />
And guess what they did .<br />
When things get rought I say that and they do .<br />
And my girl friend her dad told her and she said it <br />
work out.<br />
Hang in there I am here .<br />
hang in there

Dear Unknown25,<br />
sometimes life throws us a real mean curve ball and we dont understand what that curve in life is really all about. Most people are lucky to have someone in their life to help them thru that curve. Its easy for someone to say.."dont do it girl" what do they really know? Open your eyes widely and take a good look around you. I bet you will find someone there! Go to bed dont want to be awake during the wee night hours...strange stuff creeps thru your head and keeps you confused in a bad way. Take care, and open them eyes!

We have all been there but ending it just means you leave one hell to go to another hell. In the end you have accomplished nothing. You're going to do what you want to do but just remember once you end it there's no changing your mind. Bad days are better than death, imho.

please dont, i know this is coming from a stranger but suicide is not the ansewr

Dear girl , Please do not do this!! All life is sacred and that means your life is sacred. As human beings , we all deserve to live and find happiness.w hen you wrote this note , there was a small bit of hope left in you. Follow it and keep talkin to ppl and get help!<br />
I am here and so are all these others. We want you here with us . I want you here with me to talk and listen , cry , console , smile and laugh. God loves you.w e love you. Let us?

oh dear what about the people you leave behind .u have a opportunity to show people you are stronger than your grandmother committed suicide when i was a little girl and it made me feel like i wasnt worth living i grew older I realized it wasnt my problem but hers and I so wish we could have found the help she needed.With all the help out there today there has to be something you haven't tried.I know youv probably heard this before but suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The Lord loves you and wants you to reach out to him please talk to a clergyman or call the suicide prevention line .just pick up the phone and call someone to come sit with is worth living it is a beautiful gift not to be thrown away...i would give anything to have my children back with me but they did not have a choice.Dont waste this gift in christ marialouise

I felt that way, and with great reason, once upon a time. Now here I am, 36 years old...realizing how temporary it all was and so happy to still be here. So glad my attempt failed. Everything you go through that seems like hell in that moment is temporary. EVERYTHING from abuse, rape, being taken advantage of, feeling lonely, feeling unloved, feeling unwanted and not feeling anything at all. It is all TEMPORARY. It could turn out to be a better life than you ever imagined if you can just be strong enough to go over the hurdle.

Honey, listen to what these people have to say. I have lost a number of my friends to suicide and it just killed my heart to not have been able to help them. I know there are people out there who want to be there for you and who want you to stick around. You are very young yet and havent even begun to realize who you are yet. So please contact these people who are extending their arms out to you.

Let me start by saying you and me share so much in common but ending your life is not worth it. I learned it the hard way. I am sure that you have family and friends who love you. Maybe talking to someone might help. I used to and believe it with talking and the right meds I felt better. I really would like to be there for you so please message me and friend me so we may talk more about this. I joined this site to try to help people like you and I really do care what happens to you so please friend me. I will be waiting Take care and hang in there...