No One Cares For Me.

Im sad because I'm always a great/supportive friend to my friends. But some how they aren't the same with me. I have carted myself to sleep for the past 3 days wondering why I don't have any friends that care for me. I just wanna end it all. My life isnt exciting I have very little friends and I'm just so depressed.
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6 Responses May 29, 2012

I hope you feel better and have found a supportive friend who appreciates you. The first thing you need to do is be your own best friend. Acknowledge that life is not fair, but you are worth good things and can lift yourself until you have the support you need. Really! I know from experience. I decided I deserved better and never again was a negative berating voice in my own head. I told myself I was a great person and deserved good things. I listened to music with positive messages and looked for uplifting books. I got a pet and became a volunteer with Big Bros./Big Sis program and got more perspective on life. I quit feeling sorry for myself and good things started happening. It was like I changed my negative attraction to positive. I will always need community service in my life. Being involved in positive change in the world and helping others has given me more than I ever dreamed. Good wishes and thoughts for you! Kim

You care about You!! Being your own best friend is made more difficult when you feel you have no other options, I know. But in the end, when your 'self love' attracts people to you because they are drawn to your confident-self respect, you can maturely decide which of them You want in your life because they are genuinely in step with You. The You, you discover by being your own best friend First! This is a nourishing cycle. So, brush yourself off~~TRUST that you will continue on through the TEMPORARY dispair and loneliness~~CREATE a relationship with YOU (and GOD?)~~GIVE to people who you don't expect ANYTHING back from (including unabusing former friends and family but definitely those really down and out like the homeless, orphans, folks in abject poverty) and SMILE when you look in the mirror~~EVERY TIME! There~~I care. . .

Dont end it all. Please?

You are young and have a full life ahead of you. Join a club of some kind: learn a foreign language, join a book club, learn to play Bridge ... do SOMETHING. Eventually, you will meet people who care about you and become your friends. It might not be easy and might take a year or two or five but don't give up!

Those are false friends, distance yourself from them. They aren't worth ending it, nothing is. It takes time to find good friends, they may find you. Worth waiting for the love of a wonderful mate in your life, marriage and children.

the only reason it seems that your friends don't care is either they are fake people who take advantage of the people around them or they care but think that since you show your strong most of the time idk but they could think that your strong enough to handle things on your own and care from a distant and you don't see it.