All I Want Is A Relationship An My First Kiss

Okay well first I'm 15 and you know how people say that if u stop looking for love it'll find you nd if u start making yourself happy and making yourself better love with come unexpected...well I need Ur help I need to stop thinking about my first kiss and boys and having a relationship. I feel like my friends can get any guys they want and idk i feel like I'm not good enough to get my first kiss. And I just wanna stop thinking about love or my first kiss and stop looking for it because I hopefully want it to find me but I don't know how... :/ just help because all I want is to be wanted and for someone to care about me and respect me and...kiss me!
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3 Responses Jun 27, 2012

yes ,, i agree with what all wrote here,, wait until a year or 2 so there will be no regretts.. also don't go with what everyone else seems to want or do.. stay a V***** and u will never feel badly if u do something and its the wrong dude. I am glad to help if needed with gr8 advice :) ,,, anytime,, as the others here too

I'm 15 and I felt the same until a few months ago :/<br />
It will happen just don't push yourself into anything. I got so tired of being 'behind' with things I guess that I went out with a guy I didn't even like and its 1 of my biggest regrets. If I could change it I would. I'd rather be kissed at the age of 18 or 19 by somebody I actually liked. I didn't even know the guy, I'd met him online, he was a friend of a friend. Wait, trust me. I wish I had never kissed the guy and I wish I'd waited! x

My daughter will be 17 next month. No boyfriend or kiss yet for her, at least that's what she tells me. She's in no hurry when I'm told most of the guys in school are immature. I tell her, it's hard but be patient, love will find you in time.