Alone Forever And Ever It Seems........ :-(

I think I will be forever alone, no one takes the time to call me or text me first or tell me they wanna visit,, why am i the one it seems who picks up the phone to send the first text or IM in these chats? Either I am a nobody or the world just s * * * * and everyone is all for themselves it seems. Am I the only one who feels this way? Must be others too............................................ ?? Say something because now's your chance to .....xx
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i feel like bree van de camp (in desperate housewives) trying to conceal and protect my emotions to the world. its destructing.

i feel exactly the same. i feel so alone and lonely. the pain is really killing me. even smoking weed and drinking does not really help. my brain is really powerful and wouldn't let me forget my loneliness. i have a boyfriend who has a bunch of friends and is a very sociable person which makes me feel even worse about myself. sometimes when we're together a lot of people calls and texts him and when i go check my phone i find nothing. i dont know what's wrong with me. i am an introvert but then i like to have a lot of friends as well. I'm tired of trying to fit in and pretending that i am interested. im going crazy concealing my emotions specially with my boyfriend. i am ashamed to tell him about my insecurities and personal problems and i dont have any friends to talk to as well. I'm going to loose it. i also cant talk to my parents about my struggle because they think that my problem is so shallow. all they care about is earning money. i used to be socially happy and had many friends but i fell in love and dedicated 2 years of my life to him. i know it is my fault why all my friends disappeared. i miss my life. all im asking is to feel neutral and learn how to accept certain things in life without feeling bad. im not even asking life to give me happiness. i just want to feel alive.

I feel the exact same
High school has been such a ***** to me, and I seem to be the only one
Life sucks in general
I like my own company and I know I'm awesome, I have social skills but nothing ever seems to go my way in that area
I used to make effort to be friends with people, chase and ****
But now I just decided **** it, If I'm doomed to be forever alone
So be it, Ill have my PS4 in 65 days anyways
Ps. Message me if you feel like talking about some emo ****
No point draking alone

I feel alone in my relationship unless it is something the he likes not a good feeling

I am the exact same why

I feel this way all the time it makes me sad to see the fake distractions life has set in front of all of us, the monetary system is one of the biggest lies we have all been sold and there are many more, we all feel alone because we have been lied to for a long time about why we are here and the truth to life.

I think of this as the calm before the storm, helps me to be optimistic and the believe in our selves!

im gonna be by myself for the rest of my life but i have just learned to accept it - if you cant accept it then it will drive you insane - trust me i know because i have went through it myself - im going on 37 years old and we are getting older - we only have one life to live - this is all we have - we are just going to have to learn to accept the fact that we may be alone forever - i hope that you can find happiness in whatever you decided to do whether you want to be with someone or find happiness with in your self and do the things you enjoy doing eventually it may come around when you least expect it

this is exactly how i feel i have nobody that talks to me, im 26 i have no social life because it feels like everybody is fake and not your friends, ive never received any sort of invite ever since i turned 18, im good mannered but it seems that doesnt get you anywhere. I guess im just a boring individual with no redeeming qualities, I'm hoping that I can get back my life by working out in the gym or something but its always been that way even when i was in karate, my friends have all disappeared from my childhood. I have no new ones, i just wish i had more friends.

You are not "a boring individual with no redeeming qualities"
I used to think the same of myself before I figured out something that changed the way I saw life.
You can teach yourself ANYTHING
I used to be that guy who was too bust thinking of what to say next to have an actual convo
until i learnt social skills off the internet, yeah THE INTERNET
Seek hard enough and you shall find
and yeah, get back in the gym
Look your best, invest time in you

I often feel like that :(.
Btw. I care for talking with u.

I feel the same. I feel so forgotten.

Oh sweetie, I am so so sorry that you feel the way you do. I am not a psychologist but it<br />
sounds like you are attracted to the wrong people. Sometimes we choose people that we are <br />
""used"" to...self-centered people who are takers because that is all we know.Sounds like you do that...not your fault but be picky. Some suggestions: volunteer for a cause that helps others and you will meet helpful great people, also helping others is a way to stop being sad. Also a therapist can help you discover things about problems in your family and childhood that I guarantee you had. I hope this helps you. It helped me.

Nooo you're too wonderful to be alone!!! :( That's not fair or right, pleeease don't be sad because of this silly world dear Will. You deserve only the best and you should be happy happy happy!!! :)

I understand you completely. I am quite lonely myself. I currently have two friends with interests very different from my own, so I find myself pursuing those interests by myself. There are organized groups dedicated to my interests that I have not pursued. I know you are thinking that in that case the loneliness of which I write is my doing. I provided a story about my loneliness experience as well. You are not the only one who feels the frustration due to a sense of disconnection. It's interesting to me how your sense of disconnection is due to the pattern of one-sided communication that seems to characterize certain relationships you have known in the recent past. Although I can't say that with these two people, that has been the case in the recent past, I know that there have been phases of perhaps 2 or 3 months at a time in which it seemed any communication with these 2 ladies was due to my initiative. Then sometimes I feel so upset that I have friendships with these 2 ladies only, and no one else and they are not friends with each other. One I met 20 years ago in high school, the other I met 3 years ago at a place of work. One is my age, the other is 15 years older than me. Anyhow, as you see through the comments posted here, you are definitely not the only person with this problem. I have no solutions to offer, as I have the problem myself. I can just confirm to you that you are not the only one suffering, and if you feel the need to chat extensively regarding your experience, please feel free to do so via EP. Since expressing my experience via EP, I feel a lot lighter and so I know this communication, although anonymous, is healing from the emotional standpoint. The frustration is from a sense of helplessness, but with this anonymous support, we gain more courage knowing we are not alone in our struggle. With more courage, emotionally speaking, we are able to pursue more opportunities and new experiences.

This happens with me also <br />
I have one friend who takes care of me <br />
but apart from this <br />
this world is Empty

I have none
Id give alot for ONE person who i could "ride to die" with

I feel the same way. Even my family... they never call me first. They dont even text me back sometimes. My boyfriend, who looked me up after 25 years... and convinced me that he loved me completely and wanted to "grow old with me" and also convinced me into moving 2000 miles away, with my daughter, to be with him.... well after about 8 months decided that he missed his freedom.... Now here I am stuck. I have no job, no money, no friends and Im 2000 miles away from home. Im so alone and scared that if it was not for my daughter I would just give up. Its just so hard sometimes being so alone.

aww, 2000 miles is soo far with no where to go,, wish i could help u somehow .. i will try to help u with ur loneliness, add me as a friend and we will chat 1 night. HUgS

Try joining some kind of club: a book club or take a class to learn how to speak another language or even a coffee club. Maybe learn to play Bridge. The point is: find an activity in which there are other people involved. It might not work the first or second or even the third time. But, eventually, you will meet enough people that will become your friend. It won't be easy. But don't give up even if it takes years. It will happen, eventually.

I feel the same way. I have 1 good friend that I talk to everyday. I guess that should be enough but it seems like all my high school friends are gone. And if I want to talk to them I have to be the one to text or call. To me if they aren't going to try and talk to me then I don't need them!! I can find someone else out there to talk to me. There not worth my time anymore. I'm done being the one who always has to inisuate the conversation.

That's what I decided
If people don't see your value, Leave