I Dont Know What To Do Anymore

i am 42 and go for days without human contact.my only constant is the tv for noise. i have no friends or social life, no family around me. people have used me for money and then disapearred. i feel im buying them and getting no input from them. i suffer from mental health problems and the only way i can see out of this is to just disapear.
janeybell janeybell
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Try secondlife.com it is a virtual reality life and its a getaway.you could use it for theraputic purposes,human interaction,without the other stuff.then when you want to get away,just log out.

I feel sad and alone. I have a husband that I never see, stepkids that don't like me. I'm all alone in a house full of people. Not connected to anyone. I feel as though I am used to be the babysitter, so their father can work constantly or "work" constantly. I feel it in my gut that he is having an affair, but no proof.
I am sorry for you Janey. We should do luch:)

cheaters.com get proof.have you talked with him about it.if you have an nothings changed you need to get away from such a negative environment.step-family members are to become as one.if you feel like an outsider inside of your own family,a change needs to be made.

Please don't disapear otherwise I wouldn't of seen u here.

Hi, i can relate to everyone here. I have antisocial disorder and aniexty. Is it possible we all to chat and become friends?

thats not antisocial at all =) good job.possibly because you can relate.

hi, i can totally relate to what you're saying. im 38yrs old and although i live with family i might as well live bymyself. i have dependent personality disorder and anxiety, i feel so alone, i also have no friends and no social life, dont know what to do with my life, all i know is that im tired of living it.

secondlife.com try it =)

Well my bell....I truly know what you are feeling. I am going to be 60 in a few days. I suffer from severe bi-polar disorder, add and ptsd. I have had crap thrown at me since I was a kid. It's really too harsh and disturbing to tell about here, but trust me, I have been disowned by my family.....I married more times than you shake a stick at......I was a battered wife for years......my dad died, then my mom, then my younger brother who was only 52 and 3 months later my husband died at 61. (my longest marriage-11 years) Every police officer has been to my house because my psychiatrist believes I will commit suicide.....and the thought has crossed my mind more than once. I am alone, scared chitless and have not one soul who gives a rats a** if I live or die. And I never in a zillion years would have thought a once happy go lucky gal like me would ever be in a space like this. The pain is often off the charts. I have not left my house in almost 3 years. All I do is cry, let the dogs out, go back to bed and MAYBE get up long enough to check email for orders from my web site which is going to hell in a hand basket since Randy died....Sept. 16, 2011. I have no life what so ever. I'm not sure how much more pain I can handle. I do however, feel deeply for your feelings. I'm a very good listener if you should ever wish to talk. You are still young and you deserve to be happy.

I am so sorry you are feeling this way-- I know what this feels like. I'm at that place right now myself. I keep thinking of the Journey song lyrics "took the midnight train going anywhere..." and actually want to look at amtrack schedules. But your problems are your problems no matter where you go. I have a family close by but I have lost them all now because of issues from my past. I am thinking of signing up for classes thru my local rec&ed (like drawing, scarf making); also sports- this might be an idea for you. you meet new people, have actual conversations & hopefully, feel better about yourself along the way. I wish you the very best.

Hello my name is Katrina. I am 41 and I live on my own.I know what you mean as I have Mental Health problems too. This makes it hard to keep friends. I get very lonely and bored too.

I am 43 and am in a similar situation. I am trying to find a reason right now to stay alive. I recently me a girl that I quickly when over the falls for. I now have to see a doctor and quit drinking. If you want to talk, you can message me.