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I Am Really Stressed And Depressed!

I am so sad. I don’t want everybody to ask me about my job. Now, I am very worried about my job. I graduated with a good degree in Accounting from A University of Economics 2 months ago. It’s really hard to find a job. When i apply for a job, the companies require work experiences. We are newly graduated students, so, we don't have any experience. I am 22 years old now, I truly truly want to get a job and earn money to support for my daily expense and my family’s finance. Now, I am at home and helping my parents on washing our clothes and dishes, clean the house and cook for all meals,... I am good at cooking ;). It's my pleasure when i cook and do housework. But i will more happy if i can help my parents about finance. I have tried many times to apply a job, I was so hard-working. My study result was good, I am not a stupid person, I could solve the difficult homework that some my best friends did not do them. I am highly dynamic and flexible in handling the situation and participating in group activities, but I am unlucky to get a job. I feel like there is a ghost to keep following me and ruin what I try. I have that feeling all the time. The more I hope about job, the better I am disappointed. I used to tell myself that after graduation, I would get a job, work hardly and I'll try to earn much money and help the poor people. But the truth is so unhappy. I did not even make money to raise myself, how can I help the other people?
While my best friends are busy with their job, I am still unemployed and sponging on my parents. I am craving for work, wanting to know the feeling of getting the first month’s salary will be like?
Besides, my resistance is weak, I often have the flu when the weather changes.Sometimes I have low blood pressure and headache all day. I also have sinusitis. I realize that I am not lucky at all.
Is it true that my previous incarnation I was a bad person, so I have had to bear the consequence of the mistakes of my previous incarnation on this incarnation. Did I do something wrong that the heaven wants to punish me like this. My life is very depressing. It ‘s passing me by there is nothing I can do about it…
I did not feel sad or stressed and depressed now, i get my part-time job, and i am happy with this ;) But i still have to work hard, and hope i will have many chances in my life. Thanks for all comments!
Woww, i get a good job now, and i am getting better ^^
ngakim90 ngakim90 22-25, F 7 Responses Oct 25, 2012

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stilll from where i seee u are better than thousand of other people :) lol u are 25 dont worry about the things ,,,u willl get a job

I got out of that rut so long ago by sheer discipline. I would buy and sell second hand anything. The incentive was that things cost money no matter what mood you are in. Sitting around and being miserable was being introspective and negative. I started raking buckets and selling junk but I got good at fixing bikes eventually. It always took 25 ft lbs of torque to tighten a crank bolt no matter how you felt, and getting the job done earned money. It did wonders for putting food on the table, but nothing much for correctly proportioned esteem or relationships.
Now I have grown older and mellowed, I can see differently from the experience of age. But I will say this, that you need a humungus effort of personal discipline and must ignore all negative emotions if the way out you perceive for yourself will work.Remember that money is soulless and emotionless and a £25 electric bill is a £25 electric bill no matter how you relate to it.
It really helps to have excellent mates. Mine were useless so I was on my own. Still bloody good friends, but not much help at all as they were all into studying and I wasn't. They were right in their way, but it was no help to my ( lower ) level of thinking as I didn't have the foresight or discipline in that particular direction.

Tina I know very much how you feel. I also studied economics and found it difficult to get a job. After over a year looking and 3 interviews with 1 company I was so sure. At the medical I was rejected for high blood pressure. I was so unhappy then a friend gave advice and I got a job, it was not good. Then one of the university lecturers offered me a job researching for him. I eventually applied for another job when that was ending and despite the blood pressure issue I was given a position.

Karma can work in an unusual way. In your way I think that this challenge before you is there to make a stronger person of you. I think that maybe you should see if an organisation may find your skills required on a voluntary basis for short periods during the week. I am sure there are Dharma centres or other organisations that would like to use your skills. Keep positive you will suceed.
I have had many sinus problems and 2 operations. Windy weather should be avoided and stay indoors in spring. I wish you well.

Ohhh, you gave me a good idea. I think i should work as an apprentice for short periods during the month or longer. And hoping the organisations will like my skills. You are kind. Thank for your caring about my health and job.

I too wish you get the job you deserve soon and your health improves.

Thank you! I also hope that ^^

glad i could help some way.maybe do business plan,, people are always looking for house sitters or to walk there dog ,,,, in which youl get payed for .money route of all evil,lol having money gives us choices .when life gives you lemon make lemonade .oh you could maybe start business up for cleaning peoples houses work your way up until you could go back on track for what you really want to do take care mind have some fun to and breathe :) x poppybagel

well, that sounds good. I will think more about that... Thanks ^^

oh one last thing look at the positive .what would happen if you hadnt have passed your tests :) x

my dear all i can say is dnt give up maybe try some voluntary work outwith home .may i suggest you start your own business your are young full of hope dreams everybody going through the mill its not personal .learn to love yourself to get a new hair do or boyfriend .your maybe feeling lonely in yourself but try stop feeling blue you have passed your exams etc things could always be worse remember you are lucky even though doesnt feel like that take care :) x

Thank you so much. I also love doing business. When i was on my University, i used to trade in Flowers and Balloons with my friends on the Holidays. But doing my own business needs much money, and now i just have very very little money. All i need now is luckiness for getting a job. I am getting better after reading your comment. Again, thanks you and take care....^^