Sometimes I Google.

When there is no one to talk to, or even sometimes when there are, I turn to google to admit all of my real feelings and thoughts. Just glancing through my recent searches would tell you what sort of person I am, probably, what sort of person anyone is. I feel strongly that we are all in charge of our own happiness and our own destinies. Yet sometimes, I hope, I strongly hope, that maybe there is someone out there who might hear me and might help me. So I google, "please god help me." And surprisingly I'm not the only person who's ever done that. And then I googled "I'm just so sad" and that landed me here, on this site, to tell you my story. My story that sometimes when the world is too much and I have no one to turn to, I turn to google, to listen to my stories and to send me answers.
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8 Responses Nov 24, 2012

Yeah that's what I am doing today. My husband is a good person and a hard worker, but when I get depressed enough that I think I must talk and I talk to him he makes me so much more depressed. He starts telling me why I shouldn't care or turns it around about himself. It's like getting chewed out and kicked even lower. I never learn sooner or later I cave in and talk to him again only to regret it.

Me too...I cant sleep, been crying again. No one to talk to because no one can understand how I feel,

You are special unique and loved by God. He hears you keeping calling on Him.

Weird, but that google search also landed me here.

I'm sorry you are sad. Your not alone in this club. If it weren't for my dog which I rescued I don't know what I'd do. I'd love to have a close relationship with someone but my dog will have to do. She loves me despite my moods. People want to stay away from my problems but dogs don't sense that kind of thing I guess. Or if they do they are very accepting. I have found that other dog owners are very kind and open and when I have even short exchange with them that has made me feel good. Perhaps I am using my dog as a crutch but she does have a good life with me and I with her. Sadness sucks. Your not alone. Be glad your not ill, old and broke like me. :( I don't have the answers or otherwise I wouldn't feel like such a loser. Maybe if you got a dog you would feel better. It helps a bit for me. Good luck to you, your not alone.

I don't know what you consider old, but I'm 47 and been married 28 years. I also put too much stock in my dogs. Their always there for me. I started taking some online classes at the local college and that seemed to me accomplishing something. Feel free to write back.

I know what you need you just need someone that will be there and care deeply for you its crazy how a simple little i love you and i will be there for you from anybody can change someone

I know what your going through. I feel like people dont care, So it left me with two choices: Be quiet and sad or reach out to people like myself. you do matter and I will always listen to what you have to say

I sometimes do this in a way. So there are people who totally understand. There must be many just on shear probability alone. I recommend breathing exercises for when you are really feeling down. Try searching on youtube for cognitive behavioral therapy. If you have not talked to your family doctor I strongly suggest that you do. I say this also because I am Canadian so the doctor does not cost anything. If your doctor suggests medication try asking them for the same one by a generic brand. You could use some good friends in your life that get your mind off of the painful thoughts. Cardio exercise also releases positive endorphins. If you don't have any pets. Perhaps consider getting one and going for walks to get fresh air. I wish you the best and your true love could be right around the corner.