Getting Hopeless

I'm getting to the point where I'm getting really tired of trying to move forward. I just feel so empty and pointless. I just feel completely lost and I don't know where to go in life anymore, and I'm scared. I'm just super depressed and tired of fighting it. I'm tired of acting like everything is ok when in reality, I'm a disaster. I'm stuck in life and I can't get out. I don't know which direction to go.
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18-21, F
7 Responses Dec 30, 2012

Same **** here, but you have to endure and wait some more after you waited so long and then even wait some more again till your brain bleeds, something is bound to happen even if you like it or not.

I feel the same way I am tired to fight it I don't j wo what to so with myself

if u anyhow get out of dis let me kno how?

try to ask urself how u got here dats wat i mdoing rite now cause i too m lost n confused n hv no idea wer life taking me

most of the time i feel the same way

You're tired now of moving forward, you're completely lost and don't even know where to go in life anymore....

Why are you then kept on moving forward if you knew you're already lost? Don't you think you should stop from where you are now and start asking someone to point you to the right direction..... I know this doesn't make sense literally but if you can still gets the logic out of this then I believe you're not lost.... you're just confused, so there's still hope.

Rip off that map that show's your life's route and start asking someone for the right direction.

on a much, much, much lighter note... i like your hair. i just had that haircut today and love it! i just wish i have your youth because it would look much better then :-)

well, i hope you'll feel better eventually ... if you want to talk more details why you feel stuck, please feel free to share.

oh thanks haha :)