I Am In Love But Still Sad And Alone

i am 16 years old boy who is fat looking not good from first my father and mother hit me hurt me and everyday i feel so sad and alone i dont know suddenly i feel so depressed i have my sisters but they both hates me need money only i just dont know if nobody loves me why i am here but then in my life one girl comes the quenn of pop my babe her name is katie she make my life so happy we have far distance relation i feel sad coz she is not with me for hold hands or stop me crying i wanna leave my town and wanna go to her coz she is the one in this world i live for ....... i dont wnaa live without her she is so important in my life but i always afraid to lose her now she gonna join x factor maybe she win and her attitude of money makes her to leave me then my life just such a waste thing i love her alot i wnna leavve everything for her .................. i want she be with me
vaibhavcoollover vaibhavcoollover
Jan 9, 2013