I'm So Scared. Please Come Get Me.

I'm a twenty year old girl fighting through life.
No I don't have a disease or anything like that.
I have something that takes over called sadness.
And I am not confident enough which is bringing me downhill.
I'm scared my boyfriend will leave me if he hears how sad I am.
I Don't know how'll go to college.
I am a girl who people right away want to be my friend.
But I have no friends.
I want to end it all.
I wish I had someone to help me.
The "funny" things is if you were to see me walking down the street you would think I had it all.
I always have people jealous of me.
But what they don't know is that I am not as happy as I look.
My smile is such an easy way to hide.
If only you were to look into my eyes...
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 9, 2013