I M Sad

i m 22 years old i m single i always think about my future that what will i do. i see the world is running so fast and when i see rich people i thought that when i will become rich and i m so wooried about my life :( give me some suggestion please
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Dear An EP User,

Don't worry and it will eventually pass. Trust me. I being there so was my daughter. When I was in my prime, I have a car accident and two of my friend died. I feel like I died with them for all these years. And when my daughter was growing up, she felt she was left out and has to study among the rich kids. They are not only rich but spoiled brat too. We constantly remind her and secretly prayed for her that may she have the strength to hold in one piece and after about 8 years, my daughter is living abroad, got a decent job and earning a good pay that she hardly remembered those suffering days of sadness. She phrased it as "her life is hopeless". If you are in the same boat, Be brave and pull in your strength. They will definitely pass with time. Please trust me..They will be pass with time and you will remember to think these days with a smile.
God is having a test with you. Do not give up, your reward is just around the corner and you will face it when you turn into unexpectedly. It will take a little time but it will pass.

you are not reallly as lonely as you think you are. know what you want and work hard to get it, if you want to talk to someone just let me know.