I Feel So Sad

Hi I'm 21 and I'm not having such a times right now .I have a lot of fake friends and everyday I realise that I'm so alone. My love life didn't work that well too. I broke up with my bf in november of 2012 and he still keeps in touch with me and I can't let go,but this kills me cuz somehow we are together and somehow not and I'm stuck in this . I have everything A girl need a good apartament a expensive clothes pocket money and Im not employed actually I'm a student in university of economics and my parents pay everything for me and thats why i feel so sad cuz sometimes I'm scared that I won't succed and my parents will be dissapoonted from me. My studys as well aren't going well. I have stucked in a subject and I can't pass it .I really can't find a will to learn and to move on. Sometimes I feel like I want to die
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Concentrate on your future....think bout where you want to be in 5 years. Think about graduating..
Talk to your professor or counselor about that subject you're having a tough time on.
Talk to someone bout how your feeling...whether its your ex or family let them know whats going on.....they can help.

Just remember....you have friends here on EP you can lean on too.

Sometimes I feel the samee but you got to keep your head up things can only get better