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It May Not Be Killing Me, But...

It's definitely changing my life, forcing my to readjust, sift through my values and goals, and to prioritize what's important to me. Still, I feel like no one else can really grasp or appreciate that in me, except for a select few.

I feel like it's a constant struggle between me and the world coming down over my head.

sequinedfan sequinedfan 31-35, M 5 Responses Feb 3, 2010

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you can cope up with...just hang on there..

i know the feeling, im a little lost at the moment but im starting to find my way again

I know what u r going through my dad cheated on my mom and my mom is so sad that it makes me cry every day I just want our family to be happy

I know what you are going through,why not join a group on here for lonely people,it might help to have people that relate to your loneliness.]<br />
<br />
Take Care<br />
<br />

Aaww, you have touched my heart with your story. I have been where you are and I know how you feel but I have also learned with time and good friends to talk to that it will get better. Sending you a big hug. Giggles :)