Why Do People Step In Our Lives And They Go Away

I've met this person whom I was so captivated with. He was so nice, his words full of meaning and I trusted him so much.
But afterwards, he just slowly faded away and I can't reach him anymore. He's gone and I was left alone with bitter tears of sadness, comforting my heart, comforting my soul.
People come and go, and it's worthless to even try to get involved because in the long run, everything will be gone in just a short length of time.
I am so foolish to believe this person, I wish I knew from the start that this is how it will end.
Of course, he doesn't know how much pain he has caused me and here I am crying in silence with nobody to talk to.
But I've learned something. Keeping a certain distance and anonymity will probably be the best option. So next time, we don't make any more careless actions. My fault too because I have trusted this person.
I feel so lost right now, so lost and alone.
And yes, it will take time to be able to get back on my feet again and be myself again.
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I already found peace, I let it go. I am doing fine now and thank you so much for your concern and for writing your comments. I appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart.<br />
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There's nothing better than letting go of the past, open up a door and feel some fresh air again.

I completely understand... I think I wrote something similar.<br />
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I may be young, but the possibilities and hope seem to be dwindling down everyday. No one seems to have the determination and loyalty I possess, and it saddens me. A lot of people parade around saying that they accept this facet of life and the people in it, and therefore are so happy, but to me, it's like forfeiting your right to truly love others and to truly be yourself. As myself, I find that going in and out of people's lives is wrong. Sometimes necessarily, but usually it's very unnatural and insulting to me.<br />
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I know it brings a lot of cynicism and pain. I just feel like this doesn't have to be reality because I AM NOT like that. I'm real, but I'm not someone who gives up on people whenever it is convenient, so why does everyone else have to be like that? Am I an alien, or really just one of the few good people left? I don't know anymore.<br />
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But I agree with you, after enough time, you just have to pretend you don't care that much and keep your distance. You have to try and have a distant-close heart, knowing that, most likely, time will end. It's hard to live in the moment when you fear that in the next moment, there will no longer be any more moments with that person or situation.<br />
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I hope you find your peace and your way out from this disheartening facet of people... just realize that there are some really good, pure-hearted people out there. I can say that because I know that I am, and I think that you know that you are, too.

Arianne, you know I think some tiems if some one did come and go like that, it would be less painfull, but it isn't infact its just as hurtful as being told that you can't be trusted in which is unwarrented. Whats even harder is being told that we don't match or we may rub one another the wrong way and thats like saying I don't want to take any chances with you. My feelings about that is, if you are so willing to turn your back on me then I feel very sorry for you because you have no idea what you will be losing out on. As I too wold be losing out on the happiness of this friendship. Some times i think its easier to just give up, but thats not in my nature and I will continue to struggle with it like I would as if it meant saving a persons life. I liked yoru story adrianne and feel sorry for the loss of a friend and not knowing why

Not all people come and go with the seasons Arianne. if you need some one to talk to, I will do my best to give you all the time to talk about what ever you wish to, perhaps we can shed some light on what might have happeend to your friend. You can over anlize this till you are blue in the face and some times it just brings up more questions. Just remember its not you that caused this isolation ok?

I think you're right, people are like seasons and they don't stay. No matter how we try to hold on to them. Thank you for your words, I really appreciate it.

People come and go like seasons...no matter how hard we try it is best to ttry and stay in the moment and hold on to what you have while you have it....take nothing personally...when someone stays in our lives it is a gift....when someone leaves our lives it's a gift too...think of a time when you worked hard on a relationship that ended in disappointment...when they leave consider yourself spared say a prayer of thanks for the good times...try and change the channel of your thinking to a more positive channel...there is a popular theory out there that states our thoughts are magnets and pull in experiences....bless you and hang in there you everybody feels the same...emotions come and emotions go like people...like seasons...peace...Mystiqueshadow