i Went to School..All Great...Life wus perfect...But then BOOM! and idiot Thought..Hey Lets bother Her..i was Fine Doing My Work Talking to My friend..i ended up having to do a Group Project..so i obviously had an annoying Person as my partner..so on the other end of the table was this annoying guy whom i would love to hit...but anyways...i was sitting quietly working..while he comes up to me and said...umm...you look nice in pictures..you look real nice and slim and in person you dont look anything like your pictures...........OMG! Why would he want to EMBARASS ME LIKE THAT..So i paid no Mind..i just looked at him..i was tired of all of it already..so i stood quiet....im SOOO SAD!...but i dont want that to Bother me...i want to Keep Enjoying life...But ever since he said that..ive been crushing on this guy who graduated from my highschool..and he's coming to visit tommorow..and we're going to talk hopefully but now im to scared to face hiim because i think he'll think im ugly and wont want to speak to me......i Hate MEAN PEOPLE!
SourLove SourLove
18-21, F
Apr 30, 2007