Ever since I became a teenager everything seemed changed.I started to be shy even from my own family and when I'm alone I'm shy of myself doing ugly or weird stuff! When I compare myself to other people I feel insecure even though I love the way I am. I'm on a healthy diet for a year and a half and that puts pressure on my daily life and makes me feel also nervous and anxious. Most times I feel the need to just be alone. I also feel depressed sometimes for no reason at all.
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i feel depression when i'm alone and i just can't help but wanting to be alone

I feel your pain, ever since I turned 13 it seems I automatically became shy, self conscious...but alas, I am now 20, still very shy but have made great improvements according to my standards, Slow and steady I try to ease out of my comfort zone. I feel only I can change this, things don't have to remain this way.