My Shyness Is Affecting My Life

I am a 22 year old girl who works at a bakery. I have my hairdressing license and makeup and hair are my passion. I am miserable at my current job and have gotten turned down at every hairdressing shop I have interviewed at. It's been two years since i have gone to an interview I have tried to go to a interview. Basically I didn'tt get the jobs because when I go to interviews I can barely speak and start shaking it horrible. I am fearful for my future because I am too shy to go on dates and interviews. I know that my shyness is who I am but I wish there was a way to change because I want a future as an independent female. I hope can get through this bad patch in my life and same for the rest of you
Shygirl66 Shygirl66
2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Take 2 or 3 shots of vodka before any interviews, it'll help with your nerves.

Read this and just wanted to wish you the best. Please remember there are a lot of people who will love your personality and your friendship if you offer it to them!