My Shyness

My shyness has been with me since birth. I'm 14 and i'm petrified to talk to anyone that isn't in my main group. It mostly occurs when a girl is around me. When I am around a girl I freeze up and just sit there and don't talk. Sometimes they will talk to me but I don't say anything in return. I just don't know how to beat my shyness and my friends don't understand what I go through on a daily basis. They don't even try to understand. I feel so alone when I am in a group no matter how big. I'm always the one in the corner just being me. And I feel so unnoticed to everyone around me. Sometimes I wish I could just go away to be by myself and just be me. But part of me wants to be with people and talk to them. I never would be the life of the party or the funny one of a group or the cool one. I'm just the guy that stands in a corner and stays silent.
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When I read what you wrote, I had the feeling it was me who was talking 3 years ago... but now I succeeded to stop this shyness! And now? I talk with everyone, even people with who I've never talked know me, I'm even sociable. I can talk with everybody, no matter when, no matter how, no matter what. How? I wanted it.. Yes, I used to blush like you, each time the opposite sex talked with me I blushed, and I knew it. But one day I woke up, and even if I blushed I didn't care! And believe, with the time, I stopped blushing, and I've never blushed since this one day. Now, nothing can make me blush. I open my mouth to say what I've to say, and I admit that today everybody tells that I have a ******* character. Hard to bear, but I'm loved like that. Don't care about the others! Do your life! Live your life! Do what makes you happy. Open your mouth, and fvck the ones that you bother. You can do it. And believe me when I say that 3 ago, I was exactly like you.. if you wanna some advices, tell me or send a msg. I can help you :) (if I'm what I am today, it's thanks to some helps from friends :))

feeling lonely around your friends? sounds like depression. i used to have the saame issue, actually the feeling still kinda lingers, but if youre surrounded with the right people im sure those people will end up making you forget all about your troubles instead of making you think about them more :)

I can relate to this. For me i learnt that shyness is just a label which we put on ourselves, and therefore it is entirely unnecessary.