So Sick Of Everything

Ive been depressed for 2 years now and i cannot take it another day. I dont have any friends and i have a family thats worth ****. Growing up my parents never suported me with nothing. my dad just wants me to be a nurse and my mom doesnt care what i do or where i go. i dont have anyone who cares and my stress level is over my capacity. my sister is jealous of me and my brother is the dumest thing. my job sucks. i have anxiety disorder and i cant take it anymore. i dont want to be a nurse ... i want to write stories.. make movies draw things .. anything that doesnt have to do with hospitals... im pretty good at making things up.. i would be happy.. but no one listens or cares. i have absolutely no suport system. i have nobody to talk to and im sooo tired of being HERE!
lisasouc lisasouc
18-21, F
May 21, 2012