I Support Mgtowfom

I swear they waylay my youtube channel as if they expect an apology. "mangina!" slurs are hurled like i'll ever in my wildest dreams back down.

I have an new idea. I've had so ******* much of that I have a new movement to propose

Men going their own way form other men (at least men who are sexist pigs)

this is their latest round of ****. If you have anyone on Valetines day and this happens I want you to do me a huge favor: stare back and tell the dude "I'm not sorry at all. I'm PROUD of my defiance of you. Coming from someone as disgusting as you Hatred of me is a COMPLIMENT"

Also to paul Elam: I AM GLAD to have you as my enemy. I wear this as a BADGE OF HONOR. 
ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I would ware that badge Proudly!