I Am Too Involved...

I will be the first to admit that I am too involved in my teen daughter's life. She is 17 now and I am trying to wean myself out of my addiction to of all things, her personal facebook account. It all started with the best of intentions... When she was a freshman in Highschool I found out by accident, when she accidentally forgot to log out of her account that she was being bullied. From that point on I insisted that I needed the access for her protection. She had gone to a small, private elementary and middle school (her class had 24 kids in it) and then she was thrust into a big public high school. I just wanted to protect her as much as I could. I felt I could watch her "friends" on her news feed line and help her navigate her way through the trials of highschool. Well, like I said this started 2 years ago. Now unfortunately, I feel like I am ADDICTED to her facebook. Sad to say but it is a daily drama that unfolds and it is like watching a soap opera to me. Anyway, my daughter has a boyfriend now and here-in is my struggle... I would notice every little thing he would "like" of other girls' and point them out to her saying she needed to talk to him about this, don't let him get away with that, etc... It was really making me mad because I felt like he was getting away with disrespecting her. It really angered me. Well, I finally told her to change her password because I know in my heart that she needs to handle this on her own. Failure or success it has to be her own. This is the hardest thing...trying to protect your child from failure/heartache. It is wearing me out. And shamefully, I still sometimes sneak onto her facebook - not as much as I used to...but it is a terribly addictive thing. Yes, I realize this sounds crazy. Maybe I am. Ugh.
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I can so relate to this.