18 Years Old.. Basketball, School, Friends, Life..

Im just going to try and explain what am experiencing in my life right about now..college has become so stressfull because of the coursework i am being asked to do whilst also practising 4 times a week inbetween lessons for basketball , and trying to apply to university but that is not the start, i am from england and i have recently been talking with an american basketball junior college coach who wants to offer me a scholarship to attend his institution..it is 4000 pounds

i have talked this oveer with my mother a few times and everytime we talk it just turns into an argument. (this isnt the 1st time an oppurtunity to play basketball in amerirca has risen) .. i am turning 19 in april and this will be the last time i will probabley have the oppurtunity to get out of the country to play basketball and pursue my dreams.

I have calculated that by the end of the year if i work enough jobs and count up all my allowance money and bursary money from college .. i will have saved up about 2300 pounds alone.. i have been serious about my dream ever since i started playing basketball at 10 years old..my parents dont really show too much belief in me but i dont really care..but sometimes it gets tough ..like when i have a bad game i just feel depressed and feel that all the work i am putting into my sport/passion will not even amount to anything..when i talk with my mum she just says ok, alright not really listening to my problems but sort of trying to hide them over ..i feel as though my life is so hard right now and nobody really understands what i am going through..

I have lost some of my friends because of basketball and they cant really understand the sacrifices i have to make sometimes inorder to be successfull in basketball. i dont ever go out , if i do its with family..i dont drink..i dont smoke..nothing i do belive in god and am quite religious but sometimes it seems as though i have nobody..

another problem i have is my confidence on the court..although i am a good player i know that i can be so much better if i just relaxed and played my game rather than being scarfed all the time..i workout and practiice my skills every single moment i have the chance to literally i practice eveyrhwere in my kitchen outside in the park in college at my club, i take my baasketball everywhere ..i know i am better than alot of the players i play with..so many people have tried to bring me out of my shell , trying to create confidence in me so that i can be a beast on the court although i never really seem to trust myself ..this is one thing i hate about myself also i have not alaot of confidence sometimes and it seems to take up the good things in my life..girls ..basketball..my life

i always pray to go everyday for thanking him for what he has provided me with.. a family a home a safe environment a healthy body.. and i also pray to him to help me achieve my dreams everyday and work hard everyday to never slack off , to develop confidence in myself and be the person i know i can be..

But nothing seems to be going my way right now

My life at this moment in time..
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Hey, don't worry your doing the right thing. Following your dreams.... U need to sit with your mum and dad.. Talk to them and tell them it's serious and that it's your dream not theirs they need to understand... As for your friends.. If they're truely good friend then they'll understand and support you..keep praying your doing a great job..have faith in yourself and have faith in god.. Best of wishes