Can't Make It Work, So Tired Of Waiting

I used to be an adult. I used to be married, a homeowner, and have a career. Now I am divorced, in foreclosure and unemployed for over a year now.

I'm trying to get my life back together-- I'm in school, I've found a really high quality boyfriend. I've been living with my mom, which bothers me. I live in a rural area that is very far from my school and my boyfriend, so it's really difficult for me to balance helping my mom run her too large house, keep things going at school, and maintain my new relationship.

I'm going to have to file for section 13 bankruptcy.

I'm so desperate for a job, but I have a masters degree in history from a famous school, which means I can't get hired for jobs I've overqualified for, and I can't find very much at all that is within my field.

I'm super bummed.

snailbear snailbear
31-35, F
2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Yes, Bankruptcy Ch. 13 is an option but for that you have to be able to make enough money to make the Ch. 13 payments. Your house payment will be included in the bankruptcy and if you still owe any cars, they also have to be included in the bankruptcy ch. 13 payments. There is a 6% that the Ch. 13 Trustee gets from that bankruptcy payment. Also all the payments that you haven't made to your mortgage will be included in that payment so your ch. 13 payments will be more than what you are currently paying to your mortgage. The Ch. 13 is like a consolidation plan that helps you pay back your debt and come clear in 5 years. If you need to talk to someone, please hit me up :)