Okay..i'm So Stressed Out Right Now..

I don't know about the cry and scream bit..but I do want to yell and throw things!  I've just come to the end of my tether with my latest assignment.  I had thought I'd gotten to the end of it, only to discover there was three more pieces on another page.  Who puts things on the back page of something where it discusses the freakin' marking guide??  Not only that, this piece is worth 10% of the grade - which doesn't sound like much, but when you re look and discover that you have misread one piece of vital importance..well.. I'm just feeling like a freakin' little ray of sunshine aren't I!  Oh I know this is one out of my final 4 papers left to do, but I swear to god anyone **** me off right now and look out..there will be blood on this dance floor.  Hell, I might even wipe it up with the assignment..what's one or two more pages messed up?

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me 2

Studies are grand.. I'm so glad mine finished up - with a pass I might add =)

congrats lol

Cheers, worth every single year of it!

sure it did :)

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