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I Can't Turn My Mind Off

I don't sleep well these days. I feel that at any given moment, I could lay down and crash, but it would only last for a short time. And yet, when I lay down at night, I just cannot turn off my mind. I lay there thinking about all the difficult moments, and sometimes all the dreams. I lay there thinking about all that I need to do tomorrow at work, and all that I need to do to make life happier. I think about certain people in my life, wondering things...thinking about if's. I lay there torn between the torment of my marriage failing, and the dreams that tell me something could be possible if I wish hard enough. The excitement of those dreams are enough to invigorate me, and keep me dreaming further. I just cannot turn off my brain, and it drives me nuts sometimes because I get so damn tired. I will be happy when the torment ends.....I can handle the endless dreams....the possibilities excite me.
Lucidblue Lucidblue 36-40, F Feb 3, 2011

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