Im Bored Of It All

yes im bored im bored of listening to people that really have nothing to complain about compalining. im tired of people creating drama for themselves then moaning about the drama that was inevitable due to their own actions. why dont you go to the gym and wear off your energy in a more positive way rather than keeping making your own life hard and equally that of others.I wish people could appreciate how real some peoples suffering is...and how petty their own problems fed up with listening to people that think they have a hard life...when they wouldnt have a clue what the reality of a hard life really is. Be thankful for what you have got and stop focusing on what wasnt what might be what could be and what hasnt even happened yet. If its drama you want go to the theatre or turn on your tv.
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"If you want drama, go to a theatre, or turn on your T.V." .............I agree completely! What's wit dee's kid's today?....Lol.....

i guess that depends on what your opinion of a good background is. personally i dont think background has much to do with it, i just think some people are dramatic for whatever reason and that they havent really had any major issues in their lives which is why the petty trivial things seem like big issues!. but hey thats just my opnion maybe they just need some love!...and that is their way of getting noticed!.

I know how you feel.I get sick of drama queens too,but then I realize I am guilty of it too.I had kind of a rough upbringing and it taught me to always be on the lookout and not to trust anything.After taking a big look at my life I realized that many situations could have been avoided if I could only learn to not react in the wrong ways.I think most people learn these dramatic behaviors because of things that have happened in their own life and their failure to deal with it properly.A lot of times people completely ignore their need for help.(this was me for a while)What do you think?Do you know any drama queens that are from really good backgrounds?<br />
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that's one opinion!...and mine is another, and have a nice day.

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thank you

dude ur an asss and u know why. just like how everyone is an individual, so is same for how they react to things. for it to make sense to a neanderthal like u. EMOTIONS are something u cannot manupilate. <br />
when u decide to learn or even open ur stupid red neck mind, post a remark. otherwise shuuushh people are in pain and like to talk. U cant abide go F O

acosmiccastaway love the name by the way...ive got to say that makes a lot of sense and i do make you right. You are completely right. haunted5 hmmmmm im gonna check those out in a bit. Somehow i think we may think on similar wavelengths. alissaxx..thank you.

I get bored, but hey there are a lot of situations much worse than boredom. I would find most people whose only issue with life being boredom to have actually lived far better off so far than the majority of the world that lives in a constant state of chaos. Thus, I find myself rather fortunate and thankful for the things I do have. There's good health, either mentally, spiritually, or physically, a stable set of family and friends, or the fact that I have plenty of food, a good night's rest, a roof over my head, water to drink, air to breathe, etc... Who could ask for anything more?

wow well said.

lol....mmmmmmm these actually taste really....bland

hmmmm now let me think im going into einsteinian mode now i'll have you know....well ahem WELL i would hypothesise that's a load of bullshit ....i rest my case....mind you im feeling a little critical....should i call a doctor?...

so its a cure i want not more boredom surely!!!!!!....

lol no it would be BORING ....BORING BORING BORING AND people would get bored of it kind of sharpish!. i would be recognised for being the most boring artist on the earth. not a name i particularly am excited about....

lol...ive resigned to a life of boredom...ooooh wooopy dooo

lol or a sad one that is full of woe and tears and sorrow from someone who knows nothing about it,....ohhh oppps thats not strictly true....ooooooh reality check...oh i have suffered and moaned and groaned but can i do that forever.....i hope not...hope is a great word isnt it. hope to hear no more bullshit storiies or patheticness (is that a word if not it should be). thanks danaberryshakermaker ;)