Family Sucks.

My aunt and uncle have custody of my father's youngest three children.

Occasionally, my mother and I call and request to keep them for the weekend, so I can spend time with them. They ARE my brothers and sister, after all. Well, last week we called and were given the run around. We finally bothered them so much that they agreed to bring the children. I could tell they didn't want to. For a while, I've been feeling like my aunt has been trying to eliminate me from the children's lives. I'm not a danger or bad influence, in fact, I'm the best thing in their lives. I think she's somehow jealous of me, for whatever reason.

So, the kids came and spent the night.

This morning my mom got a Facebook message from my aunt saying that she was "concerned about abuse" that the kids are allegedly getting from my 14 year old brother. First of all, my brother worships those children. They all play rough together, but he never actually abuses them. That is the most disgusting, ridiculous accusation I've ever heard. My mom and I are broken hearted, because she had to make the decision that we can never have the kids back over at our house again.

I will no longer be able to spend time with my siblings and they will grow up barely knowing me. All because they get a little rambunctious over here and go home with bruises and stuff. Now, they get an equal amount of scrapes and bruises at home, but my extended family has this sick obsession with accussing innocent people of abuse. If I accused them of beating the kids after seeing a bruise, they'd be offended and angry.

My mother can't trust that my aunt won't try to stir up something against my brother or my mom's boyfriend, so the kids are not allowed back here. I'm devastated.
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Best wishes... One can only hope that people see the truth in time...