41 And Sick Of It All

alone forever . . . since 10 felt doomed like life is meaningless . .. awkward teen afraid of being seen, pickedon etc. No friends except for a couple. NOw 41 and I have a family but no friends. I am ****** up! educated on meds. still on meds but cannot bear to hold a job. anxious. no one outside family has written to me in months. i have gradually become a worse loser than ever over the past 10 yrs. or so . . . after about 2-3 of false confidence. now it's over all over gambled on the wrong stuff. shoulda stayed at 8.00/hour and no debt no credit no responsibilities.
attheveryend attheveryend
1 Response May 19, 2012

You make me think I am reading my own life story.

Wish I had good news for you but I am 42 and still in that boat.