Being A Single Mom

i've been alone and divorced for over 3 years now, and have yet to be in a decent adult relationship...i'm incredibly tired of being alone.  i keep telling myself that being the best mom i can be for my two boys should be fullfilling enough, but it just doesn't seem to be.  i'm very protective of my kids. if i go out to meet someone it must be after they go to bed...i don't want them getting attached quickly to someone who may not be around long, so i keep my dating life ( what little life it is ) seperate from them.  i've dated 2 people since the divorce...the first one we ended as friends, because he knew he'd eventually be moving away to go to film school, and didn't want to put me in a position to decide to uproot my family to go with him.  the second, started off with a huge and passionate flame, and ended just as quickly ( 3 weeks later ) when he decided to move back to london.

i have a terrible time even meeting people because one, i don't get out much, and two, i'm not very good at talking to new people.  i've been attempting the online dating thing for some time now, but everyone i seem to dig seems too far away, or doesn't seem to have the patience i require for getting to know someone...

it all really just sucks sometimes...
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I empathize with your situation. I also have a child and am divorced. I am sooo sad and have not touched a woman in 3 years...I know....I'm pathetic. What confuses me is that I am a good-looking man and in excellent physical shape. I just want someone to come home to and make happy, hold each other on the couch and laugh together,=....being alone is depressing....why can't I fall in love ? send me a message and I'll get back 2 U with my cell if u would like to talk.

Just a note to tell you that I feel exactly the way you do. Although somewhat older, I raised a son by myself and was extremely protective of him making sure that none of the men I dated were close.<br />
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As the man said being a single parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Take pride in that.<br />
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Also, try and not to lose heart. I also had a recent experience where I fell very much in love and although it lasted 6 months, he ended the relationship.<br />
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I tell myself that my gift from God was being able to love again. My former boyfriend's gift from God is that I will love him until the day I pass.<br />
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Don't be so hard on yourself and hand it all to God. He will take the burden off you and eventually love will find its way to you.