What Should I Do?

I am 23 and never een had a real girlfriend. Sure i've been on a few dates and even have som. But to be honest real good friends that r girls. But nothing more then that. To be honest its mostly my falt though. Up until now haven't cared enough to try. I always knew that i needed to have someone in my life. Im just to shy to do anything about it. But the main reason is that every time i find some one i can bond with and think might be able be with them, it always turns out to be impossible. For example, there was a chick i worked with i realy liked and i was pretty sure she liked me but she always said she would never date someone she worked with. I understood this but she would give me some meny mixed signals. Needless to say i didnt ask her out and now she is gone. Im just tired of every girl what to be with being out of reach. Right now there is someone im trying to ask out who got out of a realy bad relationship and has alot of trust issues cuz of her f#%$ing a$$hole ex boyfriend. That just make me want her more. I just don't know how to show her i would never do anything to hurt her. Sigh.....
archshadow archshadow
22-25, M
May 1, 2012