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I miss my wife. we were together for 11 years. She always accused me of cheating on her, never did. She left me for the guy nextdoor. There was four of us that worked together. My wife and  i and jason and julie. jason and julie were a married couple that need help fixing the floor of there home. julie was at work i was working on there floor and jason and my wife were doing there thing in our bed. its a long story. anyway i have been alone for 8 years. i dont know how to meet anybody. was told to go to church to meet someone. that would be the wrong place for me to meet someone because i dont go to church. i dont do bars so what do i do?

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sorry to hear that hun. if you dont go to church and dont do bars, thats completely fine. you shouldnt really be picking up people at a bar anyways. if you like music or art, you can going to concerts or performances or even try to go to an art gallery or festival and you are sure to meet someone with the same interests as you. you can even keep an open mind and observe your surroundings, talk to random people, even if its only for a few minutes. the more people you talk to, the more you learn about life, and you never know, that one thousandth person just may be the right one for you. dont look too hard though, you always find what you're looking for, when you're not looking for it. keep a smile on!!! :)

Ah yes my wife did the same for 15 years. She was so insecurre in herself and she always wondered why I was with her. She sorted herself out and then found another. Anyway<br />
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Let things happen, maybe you are trying to hard and you give out that desperate vibe.<br />
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8 years is a long time. Set another goal and look after that and you will be surprised who you meet.<br />
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Walking,movies, resturants, book shops,beaches I have met some fantastic women in all these places.