I'M Done, I'M Ready To Give Up

Every time i open my mouth, i feel like people are always shutting me down and calling me stupid. And when things happen to me, people laugh about and make fun of me more then anyone around me. Today I brook out crying because of it. I have a lot going on with my life and people just don't understand. I'm tried of people the one thats always picked on or the one people choose to leave out. I don't care to be the most popular but i want to at least feel like I a friend or to. I want to feel like i make at least one person smile or happy that i'm alive. But i'm stuck in a place where everyone thinks of me as the weakest link and that i should be killed off first. In high school i was the ugly on and in college i'm the stupid one. Can I for once have a nick name that I like/ doesnt put me down. And I have tried the whole just laugh with them, but it got me more crap cause then they thought I was ok with them talking bad about me. So i can just never win. And when everyone is treating u this way, i have no one to talk to and then ik all my emotions are being bottled up so when i do snap and burst out crying, i get laughed at more. I dont want to deal with this anymore but idk how to get away.
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2 Responses Nov 20, 2013

please never give up .
it Will get Better believe me, it really will. I know you have been waiting for it to get Better and things havent change yet but they Will.
im here if you want to talk

Don't give up hang in there