The Pain Of Life

Ugh. Life. It is ******* painful! What is the point really. I am not sure there is one, though sometimes I feel sure and I just don’t particularly like the conclusion i’ve come to. Cuz its simply that the pain is as necessary as anything in this life.
Sometimes I wonder if the pain is necessary because life is meant to break us. Like the phoenix, we came to this world to shed light on ourselves and grow and become new stronger, more vibrant people.
But **** that just sucks sometimes, when the pain just hurts. What cures that? exhaustion? with life itself? I don’t know, cuz i'm exhausted but it still hurts.
ForgetHate ForgetHate
26-30, F
2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Life is a crocked game you know it's a cheat but you still play cos it's the only game in town

So true!! I like the way you put that!

my dear if you keep thinking like this you are not going to go no where.... you have to change you way of thinking or you will go down and down.... what comes out from your mouth is what you have are young and beutiful you are here to give light dont turn it off without knowing what you can do. take care and dont miss understand what I just told you..when you are hurt nothing seems to matter but start with you change things and you will see how you see the world in a couple of months just little by little...

thank you :) I know what you are saying, but damn its not easy to change your thoughts

you are right but only you have the strenght to do it ... feed your soul with beutiful things, friends, home, music....
take a second and breath, close your eyes and see, life sometimes is not fair, today you will only see the falls but while it hurts keep breathing the pain. just have patience. ... this last peragraph is from a spanish song from LUIS FONSI ... I just felt to translate it for you... I listen to this song over and over again when I feel like I dont have a door... I do too listen to christian music it helps me a lot.... is your choice.... good luck and be blessed always.