I Got The Blues

I am getting fed up of hurting on the inside and being sad all the time. I am really great at hiding my feelings and its starting to bug me. I am just not sure exactly what I should do anymore. I wish I could share my feelings with people but its hard for me to find people to trust. There are a few people who know when i'm hurting and sometimes they know how to break me down. Other than that its just so hard for me to handle my hurting and sadness. In this past year I have been through so much that one person shouldn't have to go through. I want to know if you guys can give me ideas on what I should do?
khawk7921 khawk7921
26-30, F
2 Responses May 14, 2012

You should reevaluate what you want for youself. Normally when people have a trend of meeting the wrong people; it can be for a number of reasons. Reasons that include low self-esteem and settling for any garbage person that pays you attention, or seeking to be the helpful person, in which case the person just takes and takes from you..and among other things, but I'll keep it to those two for now. <br />
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Overall you also have to slow down when it comes to letting people in, because time reveals a person's true nature. Use your experience in the past as something to learn from and apply that to meeting better people for yourself.

Hello there, i understand how you feel. In the first place you have to be strong, you're the only one who can help yourself. What really bothers you, you feel neglected, you feel alone? Theres so much life to enjoy out there. Stop being negative, pamper yourself with things you haven't done before.