It's Just A Game...

10 months ago, I joined a game called Minecraft. For the sake of their reputation, In game names will not be posted, nor will the multi-player server be as well.

I joined this server was right when I started my Junior year of high school, and outside of school socializing became harder. I joined not knowing what to do, or how to play, or even know what mods were! At first it was awkward, and kinda shaky, but eventually I got the hang of things. After the third month, we began chatting on ventrilio (our chat speak) and I became friends with the founder (C) of the server, and many other admins and other players. I could talk to them about nearly everything, and I encouraged new people I liked to come on and talk along with us. I managed to get my friend Kay to come on, and though she was shy at first, she is so outgoing now and even calls me Wifey! (as a joke and symbol of love). Then came B, then C, then D then N, then Saf, then...etc. You get the idea? They were all my friends. They kept me sane even though my real life world was crashing down on me. I went on minecraft and talked to them everytime my parents and brother fought, and they'd talk with me about my problems. They were the best friends ever. But like the saying goes, all great things must come to an end.

It started two months ago, where a member griefed (basically destroyed someone else's stuff, or broke the rules, etc) and he was trusted among staff (which I had made, as well *** several of my other friends). Another member was involved, and seemingly an innocent party. His name is M. He seemed really nice at first, a genuine friend. I really liked him, and he eventually hooked up with another girl on our server, and she seemed pretty nice too. But I was completely wrong about them being sweet. Separated, they were okay, but together, they get all defensive about everything. To which because of this feature, I found out M was a hacker. Not just one of those little ones that spam itty bitty virus's on your computer, oh no, a class A sucker Hacker.

Fun fact: I HATE hackers. Purely because there was a hacker that shut down my dad's computer once, and my Dad, who works online, almost lost his job. Rule number one on any game I play: Never trust a hacker.

This is where my respect for M dims slightly. I became a bit more wary of him. Then my wariness escalated when he brought a AI bot onto the server we played on. First off, that is ILLEGAL, and if the server got caught with that on it, we could get in trouble. The server I played on was my perfect world, and I don't need anyone jeopardizing that. I didn't care for the thing, and thought of it stupid, but I didn't complain about it to the founder, instead confiding in my good friend N, about my frustrations on why everyone else was so fascinated about it. And then the worst happened. After only playing on the server for 3 months, and being active for a month and a half, they promoted M to moderator, which meant he was a staff member. All because he was good at computer programming, while there were members, in my opinion, who should've been considered well over him, and I didn't trust him because we had hackers on our server before as staff, and it didn't end well. I was angry because being another staff member, we, or at least myself, weren't asked for an opinion, even though we've gone through a situation where they did the same thing and the guy was a lunatic. They just didn't learn.

I didn't complain though, about M being made staff. I figured this was a way to prove himself, even though I think he shouldn't have been allowed to. This furthered my point when he DDOSed a member (makes the computer unusable) because he may have called his girlfriend a *****, and he continuously allowed the bot to roam on the server while he was away. It build up my anger at the staff because I get in trouble for my temper, but yet they never see me going and bombing someone's computer, and he didn't even get in trouble! Eventually, the result of me losing my temper in what seemed like, to me, the first time in a long time, I was demoted from staff. I didn't understand because they said my anger was getting worse over the weeks, not better, and no one, not even my supposed friends, cared to mention that to me. Co (the founder) could never stick to a decision before to demote/ban someone before, but they verbally told him to stick to it when I was in the same chat channel with them! This wasn't a game, this was personal that they were invading. This further proves my point when I find out my friend N, after I left the game, started talking about me behind my back, saying I was talking about people when they leave our teamspeak line. Hypocritical, no?

I just don't know what to do. I don't know why he, and all my other friends hate me, and I don't know what I did. This was just supposed to be a game, not something that could mess up my life even more than what it already was, and I'm just tired of putting my faith and trust into the wrong people, even when things seem to be going good. They can't open their months and say something to my face, but it's perfectly fine for them to say it cowardly behind my back. I don't understand...
N0vaK0i N0vaK0i
22-25, F
May 22, 2012