I'm a Loser

I don't want to be a loser... but I am. I'm trapped in the house everyday, because I suffer from social anxiety... I try to go out, but wind up feeling worse than staying indoors. So, all I do is stay home, work at home, then spend the rest of my time online, until it's the afternoon... log off and eat a meal, maybe watch some tv or play a video game... sleep at night... and then wake up and do the same thing all over again. I'm so lonely. 

I do try to stay positive about things, but it's hard sometimes... like today. It's tough to be alone. :-(

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5 Responses Jul 30, 2008

I, too, very, very well understand "Social Anxiety". Let me tell you- there is something WAY worse than being alone- namely WISHING that you were alone!!!
I've been on both sides. Stay strong. Savor your blessings. Everyone has at least SOME.

I used to have agoraphobia really badly. It was before people knew what social anxiety was. I am going to say you can get over it. I did. I can travel cross country alone. I love going out to eat. I enjoy shopping and spending time with my friends. You're not going to like what I have to say though. You need to force yourself to get out. Take a step or two outside. Breathe. Walk back inside. Next time take a few more steps. Also try cognitive therapy. I used to wake up in the middle of panic attacks. Then I started this. Every mmorning and every night I would lay in bed with my eyes closed and say to myself 100 times...I FEEL GOOD. It took some time but about the third week I woke up FEELING GOOD! Now I need to warn you. If you are in a low level state of anxiety all the time you will feel odd feeling good! Also find out if you have inner ear issues. They mimick panic disorder. Allergies to perfumes, etc can trigger panic disorder symptoms because you start to hold your breath when around scented things. And get yourself a good relaxation cd. Listen to it at least twice a day. AS you're home you have the time. You will actually train your body to relax. It can be done. You can have your life back.

Are you a man or a woman?

you're not a loser. I used to suffer from social anxiety too, especially in crowds. I would try to go to festivals and arts & crafts shows, things I used to love, and suddenly I would have an overwhelming sense of panic, have trouble breathing, want to cry and run and just get the heck out of there! What helped me was leaving a bad relationship I was in with my then fiance - that changed things a lot. Though I still had a very bad relationship with most of my family, so in the end I moved abroad. It wasn't easy at all, and it took years, but it was definitely worth it. I still have problems with depression and anxiety, but it's nowhere near on the scale I used to get. The point is, anxiety comes from somewhere. There is something in your life that is causing you grief - if you can pinpoint that and fix it or eliminate it, you'll be on the right path to recovery.

You aren't alone! You have us, in here. Drop me a line if you ever need someone to talk to. There is a time difference due to the fact that I am in Germany, but I will always say hello if I am around!