Its just really fascinating how the people u meet will say such sweet kind words such as
"I'll be there when u need me"
"You have me to share your thoughts with"
"I'll help you get better"
"I promise"

But when u need them.. They're gone..

You were there for them but when it's your turn that needs them.. That needs help.. That needs comfort. Theres no one around u. They're just gone.. They've left already before u even know..

Im just so damn tired.. It happens again and again to me because i still am keep hoping that one person will break that.. Atleast just one.. Who'll hear me out.. Who'll break this mask.. Atleast see beyond this.. I am hard to handle i know, but can u really blame me? I am complicated because of all the shitry things happened to me.

People tell me i have my walls to high.. That maybe i should lower it a bit down maybe someone is willing to climb.. But don't u get it? U want me bring down what protects me. My walls got too high because i keep giving chances of lowering them to wrong people.. If u honestly wanna help, u'll take the wall as it is.

But i doubt anyone would, like i said.. Im tired of this sht
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There's a saying:
"Sometimes people build walls up to see who sticks around long enough to take them down."
So yes it is good you have your wall up. And when someone finally takes them down its because they've finally learned all there is to know about you and loves you anyways. A great woman should never be easy to get. Make the man work for it. So you stick to your guns, and most especially, be patient.

I feel you... I kniw where you come from and i try to be the sweet guy... I accept everyone and I'll always be there and love them I swear... I only leave girls once they don't want me anymore... And even then I try to help them...

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