I've Got To Decide If I Want To Keep My Storage I Have In Sacramento, California

When I desperately left Sacramento, California for Washington State 5 years ago (2007).  To move there, because I like Cloudy and Cool Weather over Clear Sky's, Sunny and those yucky Temperatures above 78 Degrees.

I had 3 Storage Places, because it only worked that way moving myself out of my other Residence for my Moving. My Moving was to take what I like to survive on and leave much of my Historical accumulation in Storage in Sacramento, California and hoped my Life would gain success with fortune and the financial means to returning to Sacramento, California during the Winter Season to get my other stuff.

I did not have professional skills for professional jobs.  I expected non manual labor jobs to be available coming up here to Aberdeen, Washington and then the Evil Politics from the Republican Greed.  The Professionals and High Class need to find their Luck, but anyone else?  Well?  The resources are taken so much and so that lower class citizens have to suffer the consequences the most.

  I forfeited 2 of my Units the first year in 2008, because I didn't have the Money for those Units.  I lost a lot of my Historical items that was a part of my Life. And losing the things that are a part of my Life, is not making me happier, but has been making me depressed more.

What I was obtaining in my Life was much like what Librarian's and Museum's do for a local place like the Chamber of Commerce. But for personal items this is for my own Life. And when I lose those items for my Historical Life, then it to me is like a City and Town that loses its Records of its Past.

And it could also had been able to further my own Interest for my future.  Meaning now, I can't have the future I was hoping for and thinking for and trying to realize this life doesn't have Immortality to it.  But I do want to find what I do want as Immortality. 

I used to have the Love of Birds.  And this world has diminished my love for birds in a lot of ways.  I lost all my pet bird stuff. Making me apathetic now for my love of birds.

I moved to Washington to see birds under cloudy sky's.  And the local Audubon people have too ... Their animosity to the weather I want.  And I learned the word: "Antithesis" by this.  I like the weather in opposite to everyone else in the popular majority mainstream interest of others.

I still kept my smallest Unit to even now.  It's been almost 5 years from moving away from Sacramento, California and I had a steady Rent fee that just fitted into my Social Security Disability Income.  That too as my Disability isn't making me have high skills for high skill jobs. That even the high skill people are struggling to find employment even for themselves.

And I am living with Social Security affordable Housing Authority Apartment Rent.  Which subsidizes my Gross Income for a percentage of it.  And when I think of getting minimum wage with half time work hours.  The Rent will go up and all I am going to do is make money for my Apartment Rent to go higher and not make not much more than a few dollars and wearing myself out more for this type of employment, that will just make more expenses than I really already have. Meaning it will not make things better, but worse.

But I just got these letters from Sacramento, California's Storage Place for which they changed their Policy Agreement, that I now have to have an Insurance to my Unit. That means I have to agree with some kind of extra Monthly charge for the Unit.  

I have only been living on a fixed income and more expenses do not fit in my budget. So now? Do I let the place take what I now have left? Cause I don't think I can afford higher increase to Storage Rent.

I have to decide what and how this is really going to work best for me.  Cause I don't have the money to go down there and bring it up here where I live. I have done me a financial itinerary for this kind of thing and this is expensive to do.  Gas is $ 700.00 there and back $ 1,400 round trip and other expenses. $ 1,400.00 is all I get in a years time for my survival. A Trip to Sacramento, California to get my stuff is impossible.

My extra $ 10.00 for inflation as it is.  Is the Evil this world is.  And Gas Price's are going up. This is an antimony!

I have my Videos, some pictures, ancient slide projector and slides and books in this Storage.  It is like a bit of my Library and Museum of my Life.  A lot of my Science stuff has been there. And to lose it for just trying to survive, the Apocalypse of this ending year 2012. (???)

I have to decide what to do and I can't at this moment. 

Up Date:  November Wednesday 14, 2012

 I thought as I made my check a bit more (In these last few months) after writing this Story awhile back, that things where going ... OK?  Until yesterday:  November Tuesday 13, 2012 in my Mail.

Is this a Republican Temper-tantrum with and from this Storage Unit Place (I got me?)? (Way back in 2007)

I'm wondering if the Insurance was that the owners of this Storage Place wanted Insurance for their Party choice?

Like as if they lost their Party choice and now they want more for the Insurance?, saying I didn't pay it and now I am charged a Late Fee that I can't Pay now. Damn Greedy Bastards!  (   )

This Storage stuff taking things from us, is making me wonder what in the HELL is going on?  And how I can manage anything?

Just being Troubled by this lately now.
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Greedy bastards and a system that penalizes you for working (only they don't like to use the word penalize)


It was strange November Thursday 15, 2012 up here in the Seattle, Washington area after this. On this morning in North-East Seattle, a town called Monroe had a Storage Facility that broke out in a huge Fire and burned down 70% of other people's units. Firefighters battled this Blaze for 8 Hours from 1:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Big Story in the News yesterday when I was trying to catch my local News.