I am a black woman in my thirties living in Westchester NY. When I walk in the street near my apartment, I sometimes pass in front of the guys mowing grass, they stop whatever they are doing and just stare at me in the eyes and keep at it even when I make eye contact. When Caucasian women pass them by, they just keep doing whatever they were doing or keep their head down. I am pretty sure those guys are Mexican and it happened to me in other places. Can anyone tell me why they do that? I dress very casually and personally, They make me uncomfortable because they just stand and follow me with their gaze.
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If they are mexican, they may be trying to figure out how it is that you feel so comfortable just walking down the street and it just blows their mind because you're not white. Your actions may be blowing away their preconceptions of race and the safety of walking down a street. They probably assumed that non-white people weren't allowed to walk down that street but then here you come! So, they may be very confused and trying to figure it out.

hi veronica

Maybe they're attracted to you.