I'm tired of trying to step out of my bubble only to be shut down. I'm tired of having hope, only to have it crushed away. I'm tired of giving a f*uck about anything and anyone, especially when I mean nothing to them.

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I feel like that sometimes and did for a long time, You are here with us though, you think we dont care? Please dont put me with others in this world. I am real, very real, and I do care.<br />
Do you know why? Its because I know exactly how you feel and wish someone was there for me, nand cared when I needed it. My heart is open to all who need someone there for them. This is what god intended for us, never to be so alone and isolated. know i do understand and NEVER be afraid to grab me and say what you need to or just lay your head on my shoulder for comfort.


I like you

It makes me wish sometimes I didn't exist

me too I have my tickets,i can see the bus comming off in the distance...

I hear you. The pain doesn't stop until you stop caring.