That One Freakin' Mirror........

I'm a 15-year-old guy. I've been told before I'm average to below average looking. I personally never let that get in the way of confidence and I have gotten girls in the past. That was before. My family got this new lighting installed in a bathroom in our home. The bathroom used to be a closet so it's really cramped and the lighting they got is extremely bright and there's no way to regulate it all. The mirror is literally less than two feet from your face. I hate it so ******* much I avoid that bathroom and use the one upstairs. Every flaw in my face is shown and I seriously look a monster, I'm not overreacting. My acne isn't that bad but in that mirror it all gets blown up. In normal lighting my skin looks ok, not perfect, typical of a teenager, but not hideous. I've been feeling self-conscious knowing that there's an ugliness to my face that people can't see, that there's a particular light that exists that would show everyone how bad they looked.
Findingmyself1995 Findingmyself1995
13-15, M
Jul 26, 2010