I Am Ugly :-(

 I am 24 years old and ive been ugly all my life and ive known it for a long time... I have a very lazy left eye that ppl love to point out...I am overly skinny i only weigh 85 pounds and its not like i dont eat i do...i dont have an eating disorder and i never have or never will...im about 5ft 3in so 85 pounds makes me look real skinny...ive been told im ugly quite a few times and it hurts...i would love to be able to dress like other girls...i cant remember the last time i wore at t shirt or skirt outside...i hate the remarks i get...ive been called anorexic i wouldnt even have a clue how many times...i wear sweaters and jeans all year roounnd even when its 40 degrees out..i pass out all the time in the summer because of the sweaters..everyone keeps telling me to wear a tshirt out but theyre not the ones that have to deal with the nasty cruel remarks being sometimes yelled at me...my bf is always telling me that i am beautiful but i dont believe him at all..im not stupid and i know what a good looking person looks like and im not even close to that catergory...ive missed out on alot of special events because of the way i look weddings, graduation, prom, etc...i hate being ugly i dont even like going outside anymore....its depressing..i wish i could just be pretty without paying alot of money for it...ive paid for implants because i did not develope at all..my chest was the same as a 5 year olds..i need a nose job too..my face is very narrow and boney but my nose sticks out about an inch and a half so it makes my profile look funny :-( no matter how i wear my make up i still dont look good :-( i would post a pic of myself to be looked at but i dont allow pictures of me to be taken so i dont have any...i look even worse in pictures..just wish i was prettier

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I cant imagine the life you've had to lead up until now...you say you are ugly...i find that hard to believe. You may have thought "but you haven't seen me" when you read this...I'll tell you something my master told me before he died"you are your own worst critic". I know I may sound foolish, for i cannot comprehend your sadness...but still...you are not ugly. You said you have a bf, right? he showers you in the love you desire, yes? then allow no one else's opinion to reach your ears. You've experienced love and are supported by all of us here. Please learn to see yourself not from the outside. But from within. One more thing my master told me"appearance is such a fragile thing. An accident may mark you, or age may wrinkle you, but what really matters is how you handle yourself". Please be at ease, little one.

Makes me laugh when people claim they are so ugly, yet they have a partner.
You really don't know how lucky you are.

thanks :-)

wow you sound just like my ex. she weighted around your weight and had the same experience you did. she also wore sweaters in the middle of summer. anyway, I understand you feel very self concsiousl about your appearance which is very natural to do so. Everyone has something they are going through. FOr me, I am vertically challenged lol and it used to bother me TONS. I would get so depressed and angry wondering why was I so short. I think if your bf tells you that you are pretty, you should believe him. after all, he is your bf who finds you attractive, that's the reason he is with you, right? Also, look at your daily lifestyle, do you work out? you might benefit from a regular work out, not only this will help your physical, it will help you mentally. Find things to do, get busy with your life. I know it's easier said than done, but, learn not to give an *** about what other people think. If you want to wear a mini skirt, then do so! life is too short to be so worried about what everyone else thinks. Good luck!!!!!