Let It All Go

well it has finally happened i am starting to get so fat i am unfit . every burger and slice of pizza goes straight to my belly and thighs . my belly is getting wider so is my muffin top . i can see myself getting fat and love it . after every meal my belly feels softer and heavier. and each morning that belly from the night before which you thinks is from all the food is still there which means it is getting bigger. i feel my self getting unfit and fat when I try on my pants that were looser the day before are tighter than ever the small shirt from summer rises up on my belly begging to be a large. as everyday task become harder i know am am unfit and love it. my thighs jiggle thanks to the pizza. walking upstairs is becoming tireing and running is a joke. I am not the only one who sees the change my family says hey finally getting fat hey and hand me more food. dance has now become more tireing and my belly is almost to the point it wont suck in. I have let myself go and I love it ! every time i move i feel the effect of the fast food as I am slower in everyday things and the gas inside just comes out now and i dont care i just laugh and say too much chilli. i feel the calories turn into fat and see the effects of the food everyday. the scales might not show it but the belly does. I have no gotten eeven fatter and love the feeling of eating when i know its fatty!!
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You are a paragon of humanity, sir or madam. Screw the lefties and the health nuts who try and tell you whats right or wrong! Your body your rules!

You're putting food where it belongs

Wish I could get fatter! I am underweight and trying gain some. Not working. How do you do it?

Welcome to the fat world!

yes it lovely especially watch my pants tighten

How tight are they now?

I wear longer shirts over the jeans so no one can see they don't fit and are unbuttoned.

I love that feeling!

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And pretty soon you'll be eating all the time and not realizing how many calories you consume!

I loved your story and i want to here more!

Awww. You'll lose weight ..... good luck:)

Good Job! Get huge, fatty!

any tips i love getting fat

Biggest tip: eat all the time! It can be healthy food or junk food, the body can't tell where the calories come from! Oh, and nuts are fattening too!

Good point!

The best tip is to find someone to be a supporter! I know a good one ;-)

Supporters, low physical activity, a mountain of food, and 1 stretched out belly makes a good recipe for getting fatter. :)

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