Help Me Through This

Gone through so much - so much hurt so much pain - but always managed to keep smiling.

But cant do that any more

I hate the person I have become - grumpy and miserable - I cant even sing any more

Its like that - ability to pull myself towards myself is gone - no more energy to fight the pain

I cant even cry jut feel DEAD

Cryingintherain Cryingintherain
2 Responses Nov 15, 2011

yes - but why - why?are we just weak - how do we get out of it - its like im constantly trying to pull myself up from the water thats closing over my head - but each time I do something pulls me down again and I have no more energy now - it feelslike I just want to let it cover me now

OMG, me too!! i feel so numb and empty. Hollow.....