I Deserve An Idiot of the Universe Award.

He promised me that he would never cheat because he had been cheated on and he knows how much it hurts. We work at the same place and because of that we had to keep it a secret so he told people he was dating a girl named karen, i thought nothing of it until i found out karen is a supposed ex girlfriend. One day i forgot my keys in his truck and called his house to tell him, (his parents havent met me yet) and his father answered the phone and i said Hi is __ there? and he was like oh Karen he is in the shower but he said he would be over there in about 10 minutes. So i hung up the phone and was dumbfounded. Then it took along time before anything else happend, another thing is that he never would leave his phone around me, it always stayed out in his truck. He told me that he never EVER talks to his ex karen anymore and he promised me that. So one night i was in my room and looked in his coat and found his phone, he was in the bathroom, so i checked his text messages and it said 2 new from Karen. they stated " hey handsome thanks for the wonderful date, had fun sorry it was cut short" and the other" hey im so horny come over and do something about it" . I freaked!! he was so mad at me and said he knew nothing about the texts and said yeah he did go hang out with her but they just walked the dog so he couldnt understand as to why she sent those texts, he then cried and said that he swears he didnt cheat and he would never cheat because it happend to him and he knows what its like. so i accepted that but still had the lingering doubt that he now planted, he told me he didnt plan to tell me he went to see her as to protect me from getting mad. So he was checking his messages on anormal phone and i spotted his pin number to check his answering machine messages and i started checking thenm all of the time. I kept hearing messages from some crying girl that was really inaudible to hear .  Back in september he went to this wedding that i begged him to take me , he said i couldnt go because i didnt sign up early enough, so he went 2 hours away with his " cousin". I then hacked into his email account and found that karen girls email address and started looking at her profile and the pictures and low and behold, the first picture is of her and him at that wedding together. I then found a lot of messages from some girl that he was talking to online talking about how she cant wait till friday when they can **** and all that, and this was already 2 months into our relationship. When i asked him about the wedding , i didnt reveal that i saw the picture, he told me i was nuts and being paranoid. I then created a fake email address and messaged him pretending to be another girl, he responded by saying he was single and would love to get to know me. I feel like such an idiot .. my dad is a cheater and keeps telling me to stop snooping through his stuff because i always nag him that i deserve to be cheated on. I havent eaten in days or slept  and i just wish that someone whose unbiased could tell me im not crazy and that what i am seeing is the truth.

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no i deserve that award to be an idiot

no i deserve that award to be an idiot

You are not crazy and it does matter if you snoop or not; that doesn't give anyone the right to cheat on you. I hope you find happiness with soon.

Wow how much more convincing do you need? You saw the picture of him at the wedding you seen the response he gave you when you sent the fake email. If you continue to stay with him then yes you deserve to be cheated on only because you know he is cheating on you and you are allowing him to . Kick his *** to the curb hold your head high ignore his fake tears and move on. WAKE UP YOU DON'T NEED ANYMORE PROOF YOU KNOW THE TRUTH AND YOUR DAD IS A DIRT BAG TOO.

You deserve an award for realizing what this predator is doing to you!! you are not crazy and YOU DESERVE TO BE TREATED BETTER!!! He deserves to be called out for his indecrepansies and then promptly kicked to the curb!!! Let KAREN have him!!! The only thing you do have to come to terms with is that you care about someone you have not met....yet!!! Since he is not the real man you thought he was you will have to continue to search for your Prince Charming, but I am sure he is out there. There are REAL MEN, who don't cheat and are just looking for that one special woman to complete their world.

From what i gather you don't need him in your life .You have already given him the benefit of the doubt . I know you care about him but its best to cut your losses and move on he is not worth it.

From what i gather you don't need him in your life .You have already given him the benefit of the doubt . I know you care about him but its best to cut your losses and move on he is not worth it.

This guy is a habitual and intentional liar.

I have to agree with Ladysoldier1 - he's really done badly by you. Get counselling for yourself immediately, and show that picture to a lawyer.<br />
<br />
This does not mean there is anything wrong with you. The counsellor will work with you on that, if there are any such issues. But your situation is definitely a time for professional handling - don't do anything rash until you've gottten it.

just try to not take things so serious rember we are here to have a good happy time in life,,so forgive all inclouding your self ,,look for some one who makes you happy and dont tell all you do or know ,,, love your self,,you are cool ,loveable,good sweet ,,,

Have you heard of the phrase, Fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice, shame on me?' I think that applies here. I have been cheated on too, and I have also taken the cheater back and also beaten myself up about it. Only you can control whether or not you remain unhappy by remaining with a guy who cheats on you. If you are not with him, then he cannot hurt you. Take it from me, you will be much happier without him and feel much better about yourself if you get rid of this loser. You can do it and it will only make you stronger.

You're not crazy.