Will It Ever End?

After 37 years you would think I would be able to accept things for what they are. That's far from the truth. It seems like no matter how good I have it, I feel empty. Something is always missing. I could go on about my child hood without a father or my ex wife, but that seems to be a waist of time. No answers there. I'm with a beautiful girl now and I'm VP of a succesful company but even these things don't impress me. For some reason every move I make in life feels temporary. What's wrong with me?


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4 Responses Feb 19, 2009

The only thing that satisfies the deepest places of the heart is Jesus. Without a relationship with God, everything else is meaningless and it will feel like life has no meaning, purpose etc.<br />
Ask the LORD to come into your heart, confess any sin and then thank Jesus for saving you. Salvation is the first step, then, as you pursue a relationship with God, all other things will fall into place. <br />
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Okay, 1 st thing I think is... What makes you happy? Do you even know? I read, beautiful girl, VP of whatever, blaa blaa blaa.... You know what makes me happy? Security, trust, among things I'm not sure you even consider. Do you ever think maybe 'beauty' is not appearance, but the person. Do you ever think you TITLE, VP could be a bonus, not the attraction? I wonder... do the people in your life challenge your thoughts, challenge your way of being? If so, great... if not... do it yourself! Challenge what is important. If you were standing on the edge of a cliff would the people you surround yourself with have their hand flat on your back or would they be holding on to a belt hoop? I hope, for you and me they hold on to your belt hoop. Appreciate the time you get... cause that is all the time we will have memories of.

I can also sympathize with you. I have been depressed for quite some time and I am afraid that every choice I make will never bring me happiness. I am with a wonderful guy but even he doesn't make me happy anymore. I would suggest something I have tried in the past that worked well for me that I am getting back into. If you think you have any unresolved issues you should look into a counselor that specializes in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). You can look it up on the internet to get more details but it really works wonders.

I can related with your feelings of emptiness. I have found when I give myself freely to others and donate myself to causes I believe in the emptiness goes away. My advice to you is find something you can be of service to others.