Where do I start.  I  have been with my usband for nearly 15 years. In the  fall of '07 I met a really nice man and have been having long conversations with him almost every daysince we met .  He was  in the middle of a divorce and at the time I was just bored.  But the kicker is we met over the telephone on a chat line!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was bored because my husband works midnights and I was up and just  a little bored and loney. 

I did not think anyting of this,  he found out where I live  and he tells me he is in love with me.  Whenever he calls too much I put his phone number on call screening then calls from different cell phone numbers.  I want to get  the phone number changed, but I would have to tell my husband why.

 The bad thing is I talk to him so much I developed feelings for him, but I am not in love. I feel bad because sometimes he will tell me that he is so lonely but he does not want to date anyone because he is in love with me. At first I though he was joking, but one night I asked him what he would do if  we didn't talk anymore and he said he would lose his mind. 

I think he already has.  I feel so bad.  One time he said to me that the only reason he finalized his divorce is becasue he though I was going to leave my husband for him.    

He has offered to buy me a car, a house he has mailed cards with money,and  jewerly to my home. He has sent meover 5000.00 through the mail.  I am to afraid to meet him face to face becasue i think he will abduct me or something.  I know that he has seen me before because he has described me . 

My husband is a policeofficer and I have a young son who is also a police and he works days so I am never alone at home.  

Lately I have been tempted to see him, because my husband is so cranky and uptight all the time.  this man is very easy going and he seems sincere.  I feel bad because there is no way I am leaving my husband, but I want to at least meet my mystery man.  But I am afraid of what may happen.  I think I will have an affair,  and ruin my happy home. 

andypamts andypamts
36-40, M
Mar 1, 2009